Stair rope with eye splice and turks head whipping from, makers of stair and bannister rope, rope handrails and barrier ropes in the UK.
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Stair ropes & Rope handrails

stair rope in cotton with spliced ends, turks head whippings, and custom made wrought iron fittings

STAIR ROPES. COM (UK) make stair ropes, bannister rope, rope handrails and barrier ropes to measure. We offer a bespoke service using traditional rope working, knotting techniques and tools, and can provide a specialist knowledge of ropes and cordage.

Our rope railings are made using premium ropes and our own exclusively designed-for-purpose handrail fittings in brass, marine grade stainless steel or locally wrought iron. Skilfully tied end knots or splices complete the process, creating a rope handrail to suit your style and budget. Your stair rope will arrive ready to install with endings neatly finished and fittings in place. Wall screws and rawl plugs are included.

We are an established family run U.K. business and have been trading since 1994. Originally from Cornwall and now based in Sheffield, our made-to-measure handrails, banister ropes, barrier handholds, interior rope designs and decorative knotwork are shipped world wide. See what some satisfied customers have to say about us below. More testimonials and images of our stair ropes and handrails in situ, spanning many years can be found on the customers pages.

Made to measure

A ROPE BANNISTER OR HAND RAIL that uses a well-made rope and is properly knotted, provides a strong handhold, makes an original feature on any staircase, hallway or corridor, and presents a solution for many stairways where conventional banisters are not appropriate.

stair ropes hemp on corner

We provide a comprehensive guide to measuring for a stair rope, which includes an example pricing. You can also find information on ropes, fittings, knots and more in our detailed f.a.q.s page.

All our Stair ropes and barrier ropes are individually made to measure at our workshop in Sheffield UK. We supply directly and can liaise at all stages of the project with you or via your fitter, architect or designer. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about bannister ropes or handrails, need help with measuring for a stair rope or wish to discuss your particular stair case or barrier rope requirements.

If you would like a quotation and lead time, please email us with your requirements. We will usually respond within 24 hours. If you would prefer us to call you, please email first with your contact number.

You can order your stair rope securely using a credit or debit card via paypal's website, or make a transfer through your own bank - for which we offer a small discount to UK customers.

Natural Rope

NATURAL FIBRE STAIR ROPES look great, feel good and complement both classic and contemporary interior settings. A Rope Hand Rail made with our four-strand hemp or cotton is firm and comfortable to hold, and also extremely hard wearing.

stair rope in hemp with gunmetal finish wrought iron brackets and 2 ply manrope knot

The natural hemp and cotton ropes we use to make our stair ropes are superior quality hard-laid (tightly twisted) 4 strand ropes with a core: more strands even out the bumps on the rope, and the core ensures the rope retains its round profile.

A well constructed rope is key to forming a secure and tidy end knot by providing the necessary stability in the strands of the unlaid rope. This is particularly important when working with complex patterns, such as the 3 ply manrope knot.

Cotton rope is slightly smoother to the touch than hemp. A white (unbleached) cotton stair rope needs care to keep clean but can look very smart. The title image at the top of this page shows a coiled cotton stair rope with eyesplices and custom made wrought iron fittings.

Synthetic Rope

SYNTHETIC ROPES are generally more weather resistant than natural ropes and are often used for outdoor projects or where a coloured bannister or barrier rope is preferred. The best quality spun polyester fibre (p.o.s.h.) provides an excellent synthetic imitation of a traditional hemp rope.

stair ropes in posh - green and black with brass and satin chrome fittings and star washers

Synthetic ropes for stair ropes are available in green, navy, black , red and in a natural colour similar to that of natural hemp.

Our top quality hard-laid p.o.s.h rope is produced for us in a four-strand configuration, which makes a firmer and smoother handrail than the more common three strand ropes.

Extensively used for the rigging on classic and period ships, they are particularly long lasting, being almost totally resistant to rot from moisture (the enemy of natural fibre ropes). An in-built u.v. inhibitor protects against degradation by sunlight (the enemy of synthetic ropes).

We can also supply good quality medium laid coloured ropes in three strand polyester. See all our synthetic ropes for stair ropes, rope bannister and handrails on the ropes page.

Wound Rope

OUR HAND MADE WOUND ROPES can be used to create a more decorative effect for handrails and bannister ropes.

cotton wound with hemp stair rope with satin chrome fitting

Wound ropes often feature a combination of contrasting colours or/and textures with cords wound (or traditionally - "wormed") around a thicker rope core. These multi strand ropes are available in a choice of natural and synthetic materials in various colour combinations.

The image shows a cotton stair rope wound with hemp cord fitted to a satin bracket.

Stair rope Fittings

FITTINGS AND BRACKETS have been exclusively manufactured to our own design and specification with the purpose of providing strong supports for our stair ropes and bannister ropes. They are available for 24mm and 32mm ropes in English brass, marine-grade stainless steel and wrought iron in a range of designs and finishes.

gunmetal finish wrought iron fitting on p.o.s.h. stair rope

The stair rope brackets we supply are particularly robust, featuring a unique solid one-piece post and a substantial stem thickness. fittings have a centre retaining screw to secure the rope, and four points of attachment to the wall at the base plate. See the fittings page for more details.

Our English solid brass brackets come polished and un-lacquered. Marine grade stainless steel fittings are available in brushed satin or polished mirror finish; these stainless steel stair rope brackets are particularly suited to outdoor environments.

Heavy duty wrought iron brackets are individually made for us here in Sheffield and come in various configurations. Most designs can be adapted to suit. They include finishes in satin black, gun-metal, hammered steel or bronze with round, square, ornate and rectangular base plates and round or twisted stems.

Knots for Stair ropes

THE MANROPE KNOT is a 'stopper knot' traditionally tied in to the end of a rope hand rail, or manrope on ships. This attractive knot provides a very secure and durable ending for a rope which is to be used for support, such as a stair rope or handrail.

stair rope end knot and splice offer two ply or larger three ply versions of the traditional Manrope Knot, both available for 24mm and 32mm diameter ropes.

An Eye Splice can be tied in to the rope as an alternative and safe ending for a stair rope - especially useful where there is limited space. The eye splice in the image, left, has been worked around a custom made wrought iron fitting with a reduced stem height, and finished with a Turks Head whipping.

A more decorative option for a bannister rope ending features a crown plait which drops down beyond the fitting. See all the options on our knots page.

Barrier ropes

STAIRROPES.COM also make barrier ropes to measure. Our barrier ropes can be ordered in a choice of natural ropes such as hemp and cotton and high grade polyester rope in natural shades, black, green, navy or red - with brass or chromed fittings.

barrier rope in black p.o.s.h. with chrome fittings

Barrier Ropes are used to create a temporary or decorative rope barrier - they should not be used for support, or as a substitute for a stair rope.

To ensure a safe and long lasting barrier rope, we use a traditional sailor's palm and needle whipping which is sewn in at each end of the rope before attaching the fittings. This provides the strongest method possible for securing barrier rope fittings. For more information, see our Barrier ropes page.

You can order barrier ropes made from any of our ropes, with fittings available in a variety of finishes . Our unique range of hand-made speciality ropes can provide unusual and stylish solutions for decorative rope barrier installations.

Rope projects and advice

magnus hitch on cotton wound with hemp stair rope

With a comprehensive range of materials, expert knotting skills and experience in the field of ropes and cordage, can offer advice on designs for both interior and exterior applications.

Often we can find or make up just the right type of rope for a special project, supply a custom made fitting to go on an oddly shaped wall, or advise on and tie a particular knot or splice for a rope ending to suit an unusual situation.

Also we can help to put your ideas in to practice - for example, with garden projects, such as decking surrounds, decorative rose ropes and ground borders. Contact us to discuss.

Our hand rails and bannister ropes can be seen in interior and exterior settings on our customers page. Visit the Stonk Knots site to view some of our other rope projects.

Happy Customers

stair rope on stairway

Image courtesy of Bruce Hoveling,

You can view more feedback and images of our stair ropes, rope handrails and barrier ropes in situ on our customers pages.
We've been collecting and updating these since 2003. Here's a small selection:

From N. V., London:
That's brilliant. Thanks, James. I really am very grateful for, and impressed by, the excellent service that you have provided. I shall spread the word !
The ropes are absolutely first class, and we are delighted with your workmanship.

From M. S. in Bradenstoke, Wiltshire:
Dear James,
The stair rope...looks absolutely lovely and we are delighted with it. Many thanks for getting it to us in such good time. Excellent service.

From C. B. D. I. in London
Dear Mr.Watson,
I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you so much for all your help with the Stair Rope that you provided for us. It has been fitted in at the house and our client is thrilled.
Thank you again and I hope we can work with you again in the future.

From B. H. in NY, USA:
Hi James,
Well, I finally got around to installing your outstanding stair rope...the rope works beautifully and is a wonderful addition to the old stairwell and admired by all onlookers.

From S. H. in France:
Hi James,
Stair rope arrived a few days ago - looks amazing, we are delighted...Thanks very much! We'll be sure to pass on your contact to anyone who asks!

From I. W. in Barmouth, North Wales:
Delighted .. a first class job .. I have taken it outside to the intended stone wall and staircase .. it will be perfect and looks just right.
The brackets really look good too .. your man has my thanks also.
Thanks again.

From G. W. in East Sussex:
Received the parcel yesterday, on the wall looks absolutely great.
Thank you very much a very good product and service

From Mr and Mrs. T. in Macclesfield, Cheshire:
Just sending a note to say thank you for the stair ropes which you provided.
Have just fixed them up and they look great. Fantastic quality and superb service was provided by yourself, well worth every penny
Thanks again.

From M. S. in Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex:
James, ...just what we were looking for. Thanks for your prompt attention to this order and we hope we will get the chance to recommend you to others for such a class product.
Many thanks

From J. R. in Banbury, Oxon:
Hi James, I have just received the stair rope, magnificent!
An incredibly efficient and easy purchase, thank you. All the best

From V. B. in Gloucester:
Dear James,
Your beautiful rope arrived...Many thanks for all your e-mails and advice. We will certainly recommend you if anyone asks, and there are sure to be some.

Contact Stair

stair ropes traditional theme

For more advice or information about our bannister ropes and hand rails, or to order a stair rope, you can contact James Watson directly.
Full details on our contact page.

stair ropes nautical theme

Photographs of stair ropes in situ, taken at the Marina Hotel, Fowey, Cornwall

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