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How to place an order for a Stair rope

Before placing your order for a stair rope, rope bannister or handrail, please review the information and installation guidelines in our website, and check through our price list below to calculate the price of your stair rope.

An example stair rope costing is shown here. Once you are happy with your choice and measurements, please contact us by email with your requirements. You should receive an immediate acknowledgement email with details of current lead times.

To help process your order more efficiently, and to enable us to provide an accurate quotation, please provide the information detailed below:


Delivery of your Stair rope

Lead times

We will provide an estimate with the stair rope quotation - the delivery schedule will depend on the materials ordered and level of work in progress. See stair ropes faqs for more information.

Carriage price

We usually send our Rope hand rails by Royal Mail using a tracked service which requires a signature on receipt. This covers the majority of stair ropes delivered to UK mainland addresses and costs £8.75. For heavier stair rope parcels (over 10Kg and up to 20kg) we charge £12.50.

Large or very heavy orders (over 20kg) are usually sent as multiple items using a Royal Mail Special guaranteed delivery but can also be sent via courier service.

We can send any size order by Next day guaranteed delivery to the U.K. for an extra charge - please ask for a quote.

We use a reliable worldwide courier service such as DHL for deliveries of stair ropes and handrails overseas, the price is calculated based on the weight and value of the item.
Overseas clients should note that import duties may be levied on goods by customs on entry, which will vary depending on destination, so unfortunately we are unable to calculate the cost of these for you from the U.K.

In all cases, the delivery cost will be detailed on our quotation.

Payment options

We require payment with order by bank transfer or credit/debit card. We ask for a 25% deposit to secure the order and the balance to be due prior to delivery. We will email to confirm receipt of payment, and again when the stair rope is despatched. See below for details of payment options.

Bank Transfer

This is our preferred method of payment within the UK for which we give a a 2 % discount. Payment may be made online, via telephone banking or with cash into our account. We accept payment in sterling only. Most banks can now process faster payments - these are usually transferred instantly or within a few hours. If you wish to pay by this method we will provide our bank details on the quotation.

Credit or Debit card

We accept payment via credit or debit card using Paypal's global secure online payment system. You do not need to have an account with PayPal, and the payment is instant. If you wish to pay by this method, an invoice will be sent by email with details of how to pay with your credit or debit card securely online via Paypal.

PayPal account

Paypal account holders can transfer funds directly from their account.

Overseas payments

For stair ropes orders outside the U.K. please contact us for payment details.

POSH 32mm stair rope with gunmetal wrought iron fitting

Stair Ropes Price List 2023

  Printable version here

ROPES Per metre∗
Hemp - 32mm   £16
Cotton, Unbleached White - 32mm   £18
Cotton, Black - 32mm   £33
P.O.S.H. - 32mm   £27
P.O.S.H. - 24mm   £19
Polyester - 24mm   £16
Wound Hemp - 32mm   £39
Wound Unbleached White Cotton - 32mm   £42
Wound Black Cotton - 32mm   £55
Wound POSH - 32mm   £49
Wound POSH - 24mm   £42
Wound Polyester - 24mm   £39
 ∗ Rope is charged rounded up to the nearest half metre - eg. 2.7m is charged at 3m

Brass bracket - 24mm   £22
Brass bracket - 32mm   £26
Satin stainless steel bracket - 24mm   £22
Satin stainless steel bracket - 32mm   £26
Mirror stainless steel bracket - 24mm   £22
Mirror stainless steel bracket - 32mm   £26
Wrought iron bracket (standard∗) - 24mm   £28
Wrought iron bracket (standard∗) - 32mm   £30
Paint finish - add to standard wrought iron bracket price   £ 2
Rustic finish - add to standard wrought iron bracket price   £ 7.50
Twisted stem - add to standard wrought iron bracket price   £ 2
Square base plate - add to standard wrought iron bracket price   £ 4
Rectangular base plate - add to standard wrought iron bracket price   £ 4
Wrought iron custom design   P.O.A.
 ∗ Satin black finish, round base plate, round stem; choice of 3 stem heights (see Fittings page).

2 ply Manrope knot - 24mm   £26
2 ply Manrope knot - 32mm   £33
3 ply Manrope knot - 24mm   £36
3 ply Manrope knot - 32mm   £42
Basic Eye splice without whipping - 24mm   £26
Basic Eye splice without whipping - 32mm   £33
Tapered Eye splice with Plain whipping - 24mm   £36
Tapered Eye splice with Plain whipping - 32mm   £42
Eye splice with Turk's Head sleeve whipping - 24mm   £49
Eye splice with Turk's Head sleeve whipping - 32mm   £58
Crown plait with Manrope knot end - 24mm   £49
Crown plait with Manrope knot end - 32mm   £58
Plain tassel with Turk's head ring whipping - 24mm   £26
Plain tassel with Turk's head ring whipping - 32mm   £33
Ball tassel with Turk's head ring whipping - 24mm   £36
Ball tassel with Turk's head ring whipping - 32mm   £42
Matthew Walker tassel - 24mm   £36
Matthew Walker tassel - 32mm   £42
Tassel strands unlaid & threads teased out - 24mm & 32mm included
Tassel yarns finely combed - 24mm   £10
Tassel yarns finely combed - 24mm   £15
Tassel threads plaited - 24mm   £30
Tassel threads plaited - 32mm   £45


Open hook end, fitted - 24mm   £33
Open hook end, fitted - 32mm   £38
Wall Eye plate   £ 7.50
End cap, fitted - 24mm   £30
End cap, fitted - 32mm   £33
Barrier rope fittings are available in polished brass, chromed mirror or satin and antique (brushed) brass finishes. We use a traditional sailmakers palm and needle whipping for a secure fitting to the rope ends - see our Barrier Ropes page for more information.

Standard UK Carriage   £8.75
Over 10kg UK Carriage   £12.50
Overseas Carriage   P.O.A.
Samples of rope to UK (by post) Free of charge

Contact Stair

For more advice or information about our bannister ropes and hand rails, or to order a stair rope, you can contact James Watson directly. Full contact details here.

Stair rope in cotton wormed with yellow polypropylene cord, manrope knot and eyesplice with turks head whipping

Cotton stair rope wound with yellow polypropylene cord - whipped eyesplice and manrope knot.

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