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Monkey fist and loop rope curtain tieback on curtain

Curtain Tie-back

The Monkey Fist tieback is very versatile; it can be set at various heights on a curtain or drawn from behind and dropped over a wall hook.

Our rope tiebacks are hand made to measure with the circumference, or "embrasse" taken to be between the top of the loop and the neck of the Monkey Fist knot.

The tieback shown is made from 8mm diameter unbleached cotton rope and features a loop and button type fastening. A monkey fist ball knot at one end is threaded through and secured by an eye splice (the loop), which is made of the same length of rope, and decorated with a manrope knot at the joined end of the splice.

A short monkey fist button and loop rope tieback, such as this cotton one, has an embrasse of 36cm (14 inches), to form a single turn around the curtain.

The images below illustrate monkey fist tie backs with embrasses of 71 cm (28 inches) which allow a double turn around the curtain. Alternatively they could be used as a single turn with a long setting for the knot, or around a thicker curtain.

You can easily measure your requirements using a piece of string to set up a mock tieback on your curtain.

The monkey fist rope tie-back is available in 8mm diameter cotton, hemp or black nylon rope. We offer a similar design as a Monkey Fist lightpull - a description of how the knot is worked and an example in black nylon is shown on our rope light pulls page.

Hemp and cotton ropes are made from natural materials, so different coils may vary slightly in colour, thickness or texture. The hemp also has a characteristic hay-like odour; if this might be a concern, please ask for a sample of rope first. For more information on the quality and type of ropes we use see our Stair ropes Ropes page.

The images below show Monkey Fist rope tiebacks each with an embrasse of 70 cm used in different situations: the left image is of a hemp rope tieback tied in a long drop style, on the right is a cotton rope tieback tied around double.

Monkey Fist curtain tie-backs in  hemp rope long drop
Monkey Fist curtain tie-backs in  hemp rope double tied


Monkey Fist tie-back in hemp, cotton or black nylon.
Standard embrasse: 36 cm (14 inches).

£19 each

Carrick Bend Tie-back

This cotton rope tie back features the beautifully proportioned Carrick Bend whose over and under weave is typical of many Celtic knot symbols. In a different setting the same knot can give a classic nautical look.

Carrick Bend rope cotton  curtain tieback on curtain

The Carrick Bend tieback is available in 8mm diameter natural fibre cotton or hemp rope, and black nylon, and can be made at an embrasse to suit.

A bend is used to unite two ropes, and the Carrick Bend is not only the most symmetrically perfect, but also one of the strongest; this knot was traditionally used to join two heavy hawsers together and the ends were usually whipped (bound) to the standing part.

In this tie back version, the traditional design has been adapted with decorative manrope knots replacing the whipped ends. A manrope knot is also tied in at each of the loop ends, to tidy away the strands from the eye-splices.


Carrick Bend tie-back in hemp, cotton or black nylon.
Standard embrasse: 36cm (14 inches).

£35 each

Barrel Knot Tie-back

A Barrel Knot is normally used as a bend to join two ropes together, but in this case it is worked in a single rope to form a raised section as a simple central feature of this tie-back.

Barrel Knot rope curtain tieback on curtain

The barrel knot tieback shown in the image was made from 8mm natural fibre unbleached cotton rope. These tie-backs are also available in 8mm hemp or black nylon rope.

Both Barrel Knot and Carrick Bend tie-backs come as standard with an eye-spliced loop at each end to drop onto wall fittings or window hooks.

They may be ordered by request, as a button and loop type - with an eyesplice at one end and a small decorative stopper knot at the other - to give the option of sitting the tieback on the curtain independently. The button and loop design could also be pulled back over a single hook.


Barrel Knot tie-back in hemp, cotton or black nylon.
Standard embrasse: 36cm (14 inches).

£19 each

See our order page for a complete price list and delivery information on the Stonk Knots rope product range.

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