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Fittings for Rope Handrails

rope handrail fittings: cotton wound with hemp and satin chrome bracket

We supply robust handrail fittings for ropes, manufactured to our own design and specification. Choose from English brass - polished & unlacquered, stainless steel with a brushed satin or chrome mirror finish, or Sheffield made wrought iron (mild steel) fittings in a selection of shapes and finishes. fittings for bannister ropes have been designed as staircase or wall supports specifically for rope handrails. Our brackets not only look good - they are also strong enough to bear weight and withstand a shock load.

Our rope handrail fittings are available for 24mm and 32mm ropes and a set of wall screws and rawl plugs is provided with each one. See details of these and notes on installation at the bottom of this page. Further guidance can be found on the measure page.

All brackets have a retaining screw (or locking pin) set through the rope which is secured in a threaded hole at the back of the eye - this ensures the rope hangs evenly and does not slip when used for support. It also prevents chafing and thus extends the life of your bannister rope. Each bracket is designed to provide four points of attachment to the wall.

Brass Handrail Fittings

brass stair rope bracket

English Brass fitting for 32mm rope

Superior quality English solid brass fittings for rope handrails are made in the UK to our own original design.

Our brackets are specifically designed for bannister rail purpose and are constructed using a single solid post and a stem of ample thickness.

We supply solid brass stair rope fittings un-lacquered and polished. Regular cleaning will retain this shine, alternatively brass can be left to dull naturally and form an aged patina.

Brass fittings - dimensions

Brackets for 24mm rope

  • Height 75mm
  • Base plate diameter 62mm
  • Wall to inside edge of rope 45mm

Brackets for 32mm rope

  • Height 85mm
  • Base plate diameter 62mm
  • Wall to inside edge of rope 45mm

Stainless Steel Handrail Fittings

These high specification bannister rope fittings are manufactured from 316 marine grade stainless steel. They offer outstanding resistance to corrosion and are especially suited for outdoor use.

Our stainless steel fittings feature the same one-piece construction and design as the solid brass brackets and are supplied in a brushed satin or polished mirror chrome finish. They are available for 24mm and 32mm rope handrails and come with a set of stainless steel wall fixing screws.

stainless steel satin finish rope handrail bracket

Stainless satin fitting for 32mm rope

stainless steel mirror finish rope handrail bracket

Stainless mirror fitting for 24mm rope

Stainless Steel Fittings - dimensions

Brackets for 24mm rope

  • Total height 74mm
  • Base plate diameter 62mm
  • Wall to inside edge of rope 45mm

Brackets for 32mm rope

  • Height 85mm
  • Base plate diameter 62mm
  • Wall to inside edge of rope 45mm

Wrought Iron Handrail Fittings

Locally made in Sheffield from mild steel, these fittings are extremely robust. We offer a choice of base plate, paint or rustic finish and stem design available in any combination, as well as the option of ordering a custom-built bracket to suit.

wrought iron full stem fitting

1. Full stem rope handrail fitting

Our wrought iron bannister rope fittings are suitable for 24mm or 32mm diameter ropes. The standard range comes in a satin black finish with a round base plate and a round-section stem.

We offer a choice of three different heights - full stem, short stem or stemless; short stem and stemless fittings can offer a good solution for narrow stairways and restricted space, especially where an eye splice (instead of a manrope stopper knot) is tied in at the end of a bannister rope.

Image 1. shows a standard full stem bracket in satin black finish. Image 2. shows a short stem satin black wrought iron fitting threaded through the loop of an eye splice in a hemp rope.

short stemmed wrought iron fitting for rope handrail

2. Short stem rope handrail fitting

An example of a stemless wrought iron stair rope fitting on a round base plate can be seen in the section below (Special finishes), in a brushed steel finish.

Note that the manrope end knot is incompatible with a fitting that has no stem at all, because the knot sits outside the ring of the bracket and takes up a greater width than is available between the stemless fitting and the wall.

The minimum requirement for the 2-ply manrope knot is a short stem, and for the 3-ply manrope knot, a full stem. The eye splice ending works with any of the fittings.

Wrought Iron Standard Fittings - dimensions

All standard wrought iron brackets

Full stemmed brackets for all ropes

Short stemmed brackets for all ropes

Stemless brackets for all ropes

Brackets for 24mm rope

  • Full stemmed: overall projection 82mm
  • Short stemmed: overall projection 62mm
  • Stemless: overall projection 40mm

Brackets for 32mm rope

  • Full stemmed: overall projection 92mm
  • Short stemmed: overall projection 70mm
  • Stemless: overall projection 50mm

Special finishes

Special finishes for wrought iron handrail fittings include rustic finishes: brushed steel, hammered (aka distressed) - and paint finishes: gun metal, antique gold and satin white.

STAIR ROPE wrought iron fitting with brushed steel finish

3. Brushed steel rope handrail fitting

Shown here are two examples of special finishes on wrought iron fittings for rope railings: image 3. a stemless wrought iron fitting in a brushed steel finish, and 4. a hammered or distressed finish on a 32mm fitting (n.b. ornate base plate no longer available).

The brushed steel finish involves literally wire brushing the steel as an extended clean up operation after welding, and then finishing with a lacquer. The effect is quite rustic as the lacquer brings out some of the heat marks from the welding as "shadows". The gloss lacquer combined with the raw steel produces a slightly reflective surface.

STAIR ROPE wrought iron hammered fitting

4. Hammered stair rope fitting

For a hammered or distressed finish, the steel is heated, beaten with a heavy hammer then painted and further distressed with wire brushes; this takes much of the paint off, leaving only some in the hammer dents. Finally the end result is lacquered.

The gunmetal brackets feature a satin paint finish designed to look like "old" steel. The use of a primer and two top coats produces a slightly smoother finish than the brushed steel. An example of a rope handrail fitting in gunmetal finish is shown further down in the special baseplate section.

Contact us to discuss availability of other special finishes on wrought iron fittings for rope bannister supports. We can provide images of various finishes to match individual requirements via email by request.

Special base plates and stem design

We offer a choice of square or rectangular base plate, both with rounded off corners. A square section stem is also available as a special option on all wrought iron handrail fittings.

STAIR ROPE gun metal modified square dase palte wrought iron fitting

5. Square base plate

Image 5. shows a square baseplate on a gunmetal fitting with twisted stem.

It is worth noting that the square shaped base plate is designed to sit in a diamond position on the wall when the rope runs at forty-five degrees; this allows the rope to pass through the square without blocking access to the wall screw holes, and prevents a kink or wave from forming in the rope at each fitting position.

For more information on positioning, layout and installation of bannister ropes and fittings, please read through our comprehensive guidelines on the measure page.

A rectangular base plate on a brushed steel stemless fitting is shown in image 6. below. When combined with the eye splice ending on a rope bannister, this type of base plate can be a good solution for a small or restricted stair well; the fixture stays within the profile of the bracket ring and saves space.

The rectangular base plate is usually supplied with two screw holes for attachment to the wall. The design shown in the image was a custom order which required extra anchor points.

wrought iron modified base plate handrail fitting

6. Rectangular base plate

wrought iron handrail fitting with brushed steel finish

7. Twisted stem

Stem design may be modified as an extra option for wrought iron stair rope fittings with full or short stems; the image above right shows a 24mm brushed steel fitting with a twisted square section stem. Please note that for the short stem there is no option for a twist, but a choice of square or round section bar only.

Special base plates - dimensions

Brackets for all ropes

Custom made Fittings for Rope Handrails

We can produce wrought iron rope handrail fittings to a custom design by request. Please get in touch on the contact link below if you would like to discuss your requirements.

Examples of this type of work include: a custom corner fitting - eg. image 8. below, the moulding of base plates to fit curved walls - eg. image 9. below, an angled ring to be welded onto a fitting for a particular rope drop - sometimes used with an eye splice ending - and an extra large base plate for a specific requirement - eg. image 10. at the bottom of the page which shows one of a set commissioned to cap wooden posts for a garden walkway.

modified (corner base plate) wrought iron fitting

8. Custom corner base plate

wrought iron curved base plate fitting

9. Custom curved base plate

Fittings: installation notes

Base plates on rope handrail fittings have four countersunk screw holes for securing to the wall. Standard screws and rawlpugs are included. Please note that whilst these screws are suitable for most situations, it is your responsibility to ensure that they are appropriate for yours.

Our rope bannisters and handrails are delivered with fittings fixed in position on the rope, unless otherwise specified. If you are unsure of exactly where the centre bracket/s will fit to your wall, these can be left "floating" on the rope, and the retaining screws or locking pins which go through the rope can be supplied separately. To measure up for a stair rope handrail, and for further advice on installation, see our detailed guidelines on the measure page.

rope handrail fittings

Solid brass fittings on black bannister rope
Centre fittings left "floating" for fitting on site.

Rope Handrail Fittings Prices

Brackets for 24mm Rope

  • Brass bracket - £22.00
  • Satin stainless bracket - £22.00
  • Mirror stainless bracket - £22.00
  • Standard Iron bracket - £30.00

Brackets for 32mm Rope

  • Brass bracket - £26.00
  • Satin stainless bracket - £26.00
  • Mirror stainless bracket - £26.00
  • Standard Iron bracket - £32.00

Special finishes

  • Paint finish - £4.00
  • Rustic finish - £8.00

Base plates and stems

  • Twisted stem - £4.00
  • Square or rectangular base plate - £6.00

∗ Complete Stair ropes price list on the order page

∗ Special finishes, base plates or stem design per fitting - add to standard bracket price.

∗ Custom designs for wrought iron handrail fittings - P.O.A.

Contact Stair

For more advice or information about our bannister ropes and hand rails, you can contact James Watson directly. Full details on our contact page.

satin black modified large rectangular base plate wrought iron fitting

Custom fitting with large rectangular base plate.

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