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Monkey fist knot light pull in hemp


Add the perfect finishing touch to a nautically inspired bathroom, kitchen or bedroom design with one or more of our Knotted Rope light pulls.

Available to order in five designs in natural cotton, hemp and black polyester rope, these rope light pulls come at a standard length of 90cm (36 inches) or can be supplied at a length to suit.

You could also use any of these with window blinds, traditional door bells, dinner gongs, as unusual fancy handles, cushion decorations, etc.

Monkey Fist Light Pull

The Monkey's Fist knot is formed by links in three directions which are represented as interlocking circles.

Hand made from a single length of rope, the initial pattern is set, then followed and worked around in the traditional way. The skill lies in gradually and neatly pulling the knot together (using a sailor's fid) to make a tight and evenly shaped ball with no distortion.

When tied in this way, using a good hard laid rope, it holds its own shape nicely without a core. The loop end is neatly spliced and finished with a miniature decorative Manrope knot.

A Monkey's Fist is commonly worked around a stone, lead or glass ball and used at the end of a boat's heaving line as a weight to carry the rope forward when it is cast. For our purposes, it is a very versatile knot, and we have used it in many of our rope products for interiors such as curtain tiebacks and door handles.

Monkey fist knot light pull in cotton

Cotton Monkey Fist Light pull

Monkey fist knot light pull in black polyester

Black Monkey Fist Light pull

- Monkey Fist Light pull -

Hemp, Cotton or Black Polyester

£19 each

Star knot light pull in hemp and cotton

Star Knot Tassel Pull

The Star Knot is a distinguished knot; beautiful, unique, time consuming and difficult to get looking good. Our version is made into a Star knot tassel light pull and tied using six strands of mixed natural fibre cords - three strands each of 4mm cotton and hemp. It can also be made in all cotton or all hemp strands.

The six strands which make up the star knot are seized together and started by making round turns in one strand after another, each one being led around the previously worked strand.

The Star knot tassel light pull is finished in flax cord with a spiral whipping known as a grapevine service, and has a neatly combed tassel end.

As with most of our products, this Star knot tassel light pull may be ordered at custom lengths. Our design was adapted for a special commission, using 6mm diameter hemp and cotton cords to make a larger version for elegant curtain tie-backs.

Star knot light pull in hemp and cotton

- Star Knot Tassel Light pull -

Hemp, Cotton or Hemp/Cotton mix.

£49 each

Barrel Knot Light Pulls

These Barrel Knot rope light pulls come in two varieties; a grip-type with decorative manrope knot at the spliced handle end, or a simple combed tassel ending. Both designs are available in 8mm natural fibre cotton or hemp rope, or black polyester.

We have also adapted the barrel knot for a curtain-tieback design which is made using the same rope.

Barrel Knot light pull in hemp

Barrel Knot Grip Pull

Barrel knot light pulls in hemp and cotton

Barrel Knot Tassel Pull

- Barrel Knot Light Pull -

Hemp, Cotton or Black Polyester.

£19 each

Crown plait light pull in cotton

Crown Plait Light Pull

A crown plait is made by unlaying the strands of the base rope and building crown knots on top of each other. The continuous crown braid is then finished with a miniature manrope knot, measuring approximately 15mm in diameter.

Light pulls are made at a standard length of 90cm (36 inches). The measurement of the crown plait rope light pull includes approximately 20cm (8 inches) of crown plaiting. We can adjust overall lengths and/or length of braiding to suit.

- Crown Knot Light pull -

Hemp, Cotton or Black Polyester

£19 each

We can also make bespoke rope pulls if you have a special request. See our keyrings and bellropes for more ideas.

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