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BARRIER ROPE. COM (UK) specialise in made to measure decorative rope hand rails and barrier ropes,rope room dividers and usherette ropes. We use traditional techniques, high quality ropes, cords and twines, and offer a choice of brass or chromed fittings.

barrier rope in hemp with chrome fittings

To order barrier ropes and fittings, and for more detail on how we make our barrier ropes, please see our BARRIER ROPE information page. has been developed in response to an increasing demand for natural fibre barrier ropes and custom designed decorative rope handrails. In particular, we have had a number of requests for rope room dividers which are required to span particular measurements.

It is important to differentiate between the barrier rope and the stair rope; the function of a barrier rope is to provide a decorative guide only, and cannot be used for support. deals with the ordering of decorative hand rails and room dividers that have metal barrier rail fittings attached to the rope ends.

These are distinct from the KNOTS or SPLICES we use on our stair ropes, which are tied from the same rope and threaded through stair rope fittings, which are then securely attached to a wall.

The 24mm ropes we stock can be used to make either product but the two products are not interchangeable because the hook end fitting required for a barrier rope does not constitute a secure ending for a rope stair rail or bannister rope.

Our choice of ROPES for barriers and decorative rope dividers include the natural plant fibre ropes such as hemp, cotton and manila, as well as synthetic ropes made from polyester and nylon, available in both coloured and natural shades. We also hand make our own exclusive "WORMED" ROPES which incorporate mixed fibres and/or diameters of ropes and cordage.

Our custom made wrought iron fittings may be adapted as barrier hooks for specific installations and bespoke work. Examples of these (for stair ropes) can be seen on our FITTINGS FOR STAIR ROPES page.

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For more advice or information about our made to measure barrier ropes, or to order a barrier rope, you can contact James Watson directly at

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