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Rope Ladder


This custom designed rope ladder was constructed using 24mm hemp rope and 4mm hemp cord. The ash rungs were made locally (in Sheffield U.K.) by a specialist tool handle maker.

The wooden rungs pass through the lay of the rope (which is 4 strand) and have grooved channels for the rope to sit in. They are made fast at each edge by a Turks head weave knot - the same "Woggle" used by Guides and Scouts to secure their scarves. Ends at top and bottom of the rope ladder are eye spliced marine grade stainless steel fittings, as used on our stair ropes.

Rope Ladder detail of ends with eye splice and turks head weave around stainless steel fitting
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Rope Ladder detail of rung with turks head weave
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Rope Ladder

A rope ladder made using 18mm and 6mm manila rope, a stainless steel thimble and hardwood rungs.

Turks heads decorate the top of the ladder around the eye, as well as both ends of each rung, and the ladder endings have manrope knots tied from the unlaid strands of 18mm manila.

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