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Loop Dog Rope Lead


This rope dog lead was made from a length of 16mm hemp, and features a Manrope knot at the base of the hand-hold loop.

A tapered spliced eye loop forms the slip part of the collar; this was decorated with continuous crown hitching, finished with a Turk's head and a coxcombe service around the eye.

Rope Leashes

The images below show three rope leashes including a double dog lead - the Orthrus Lead, named after the mythological two headed dog! This is made from 12mm natural hemp rope, with loop handle and two separate lead ends.

Also shown is a dog lead made from 8mm black gelon (nylon rope) with eye splice around steel thimble and chrome triger hook and a large short leash made using 18mm hemp with a carabiner hook.

Big Dog Rope Lead Orthros Lead Biggest Dog Rope Lead

Rope Toys

Images below show a selection of rope toys we have made for dogs as special orders, based on different knots: from left to right (or top to bottom if viewing on a small screen):
1. A rope dog toy made from 24mm hemp with a Matthew Walker knot, tied into one end, and a whipping in twine at other end.
2. A Monkey's Fist knot tied at the end of a length of 8mm hemp, the other end of which is looped over and joined with an Eye splice.
3. A length of 24mm hemp which is backspliced at one end, and has a twine whipping at the other.

Rope dog toy based on a matthew walker knot Rope dog toy based on a monkey's fist knot Rope dog toy based on a backsplice

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